1. cheapescape:

    Daggers at AK44 in Gießen

    Nikon F4s // APX 100 in Rodinal

    More soon!


  2. Poster & infos coming soon! Thanks to Julien Diels for this awesome artwork.

    24/09/2014 - Fresno, CA (US)
    25/09/2014 - Sacremento, CA (US)
    26/09/2014 - Eugene, OR (US)
    27/09/2014 - San Francisco, CA (US)
    28/09/2014 - Los Angeles, CA (US)


  3. New practice room still in Luik, no more asbestos! #daggers #daggersband #newriffs


  4. Hey everyone, we are REALLY excited to announce that we’ll be playing a few shows in the US this september. We already will play in San Francisco at the Twelve Gauge Records 10th year showcase on 27th september with those great bands. More infos soon!


  5. Someone captured the moment during our set at Fluff Fest :)


  6. Soundchecking at FluffFest, thank you all! Regram from @gknwska #flufffest #flufffest2014 #daggers #itsnotjazzitsblues


  7. Ice-cream day for @somptueux !#corneto #licking


  8. New custom guitar cab 6x12, it sounds huge! thanks to @candycustom #gearporn #candycustom


  9. Thank you Paris, tomorrow we play in Lille! #itsnotjazzitsblues #lacantinedebelville


  10. Fluff Fest poster is up. We’re looking forward to be there and share good times with tons of friends!